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Telling Stories That Matter

Around the world, journalists and storytellers are mandated to unearth stories that matter, stories that cut at the core of justice systems, and stories that spark the change we need. But how can they do this in a world that seems to clamp down on press freedom? 

An “old-school journalist and new-school storyteller,” Neil Foote gives us a glimpse into his background as a journalist and storyteller, the stories that have touched him the most, what gets him going, and his impacting knowledge in the University of North Texas. 

In this episode with Neil, we talk about cancel culture, journalism in Africa and in the US, the clampdown on the freedom of the press, journalism in the digital era, on the role journalism plays in our community, and how we can build a society where the storytellers are free to cover and tell stories.


Adebayo Adeleke is a dynamic leader with global insights on a broad array of issues. He is seasoned, combat veteran and a retired US Army officer.

He has profound knowledge and expertise in areas of risk management and security; supply chain management and logistics; leadership and geo-politics; diversity and inclusion; and emerging markets.


Tough Topics, Dissected

A world that works can only be built by men and women whose actions spring from transformative thought processes shaped by unfiltered truths, insights and experiences. These are people whose hearts pulsate with the desire to be unfettered as they strive to create formidable economic policies, sustainable governance, superior leadership style, impeccable value system, and a healthy environment.

We believe you are one of these people.

Join the Unfettered Podcast every week as we explore global issues, trends, and narratives that shape our world and quality of life. Together with key industry leaders, we will chart the next course of actionable steps in creating the world we desire.

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