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Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Many times, other people’s lives and successes are hinged on ours and we do not know. For them to live and thrive, we need to ‘get up’ and take charge of our own lives.

In this episode, John Arroyo, a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, and a former Green Beret soldier, tells us how he was shot by a soldier and the .45 bullet went through his jugular into his voice box, into his Adam’s apple, and into his right shoulder. As he lay on the floor thinking “this is where I die”, he distinctly heard a voice that said “John, get up, or your wife would die.”

John not only triumphed over death, his life took a different turn from then on, and today, he is using his scars to let people know that they too can ‘get up’ one more time.


Adebayo Adeleke is a dynamic leader with global insights on a broad array of issues. He is seasoned, combat veteran and a retired US Army officer.

He has profound knowledge and expertise in areas of risk management and security; supply chain management and logistics; leadership and geo-politics; diversity and inclusion; and emerging markets.


Tough Topics, Dissected

A world that works can only be built by men and women whose actions spring from transformative thought processes shaped by unfiltered truths, insights and experiences. These are people whose hearts pulsate with the desire to be unfettered as they strive to create formidable economic policies, sustainable governance, superior leadership style, impeccable value system, and a healthy environment.

We believe you are one of these people.

Join the Unfettered Podcast every week as we explore global issues, trends, and narratives that shape our world and quality of life. Together with key industry leaders, we will chart the next course of actionable steps in creating the world we desire.

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