Meet Adebayo

Adebayo Adeleke is a dynamic leader with global insights on a broad array of issues. He is seasoned, combat veteran and a retired US Army officer. 

He has profound knowledge and expertise in areas of risk management and security; supply chain management and logistics; leadership and geo-politics; diversity and inclusion; and emerging markets.

PASSIONATE about shaping a world that works, he is very proactive about training and working with visionary leaders, proactive doers, critical thinkers, knowledge builders, and individuals committed to providing lasting solutions to socio-economic and political challenges.

Embracing the importance of being well-rounded, Adebayo is deliberate about igniting transformative conversations which present him and his audience deep insights and unfiltered truths about global issues, trends, and challenges.

 Adebayo is a fellow of Royal Society of Arts and member of New American Economy. He is also the founder of Rising Leadership Foundation, a nonprofit that seeks to bridge gap with the use of mentoring and technologies in identified communities in the US and Africa.

What is unfettered?

The Unfettered Podcast is the result of my twelve- month-long-journey to understanding why we disagree and how our differences can unite, rather than divide us. I believe that no two experiences are the same. Even when we think on the same wavelength, we will always end up with different thinking patterns.

This is why every episode is an unfiltered narration of the failures, losses, successes, and triumphs that characterize life of industry leaders and celebrated heroes. Every joy, tears, fears, and trepidation each guest have every experienced will be channeled to give us a better understanding of our world. More importantly, they are to ignite transformative thought processes that will prompt us to take actionable steps to creating the world we desire.