"Don’t start a business without a plan. You’re going to hit a wall."

– Seun Olubodun CEO Duke and Winston

Every successful entrepreneur has a profound story. I bet that my guest’s story will resonate with you. Seun Olubodun is the President and CEO of Duke and Winston, a lifestyle clothing brand. How did he achieve this? With zero experience, Seun started his company with a burning passion to build a lifestyle brand. Did he succeed at first? Yes, he did. He sold out 100 ‘Duke Tees’ within a week, got featured on national pages, and quickly became the best known home-grown brand in Philadelphia.

However, his lack of proper planning cost him almost everything, and he had to go on a three years hiatus. In this unfiltered interview, Seun openly shares about the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial journey, and everything he did during his company’s three years break. This interview will teach you lessons on leadership, perseverance, strategy, division of labor, the importance of rest and your mental health.Here’s what he said. ‘I’ve always been wild, and I naively presumed that I was going to own the world. I needed to hit a wall to gain a proper perspective. Now, I’m not as impulsive. I think everything through. I grew up during the tough times‘ In hindsight, this is what Seun Olubodun says to young entrepreneurs. ‘Don’t kill yourself over your first business. Find a team. It is much easier to succeed when you can share the workload.’