EPISODE 11 - The Story of Jabaris Walker

"Jabaris knew that there was more to him, and he couldn't waste his chance."

He was only a teenager when he was in a truck that was shot 38 times. At least three bullets hit him, and many were unsure about how his life will turn out. After surviving this life-threatening situation, and getting a second chance at life, Jabaris knew that there was more to him, and he couldn’t waste this chance. 

A few years later, he joined the US Army but when fear got the best of him, he left for 56 days. When he finally returned, the next course of events changed the trajectory of his life. His biggest fear, going to Afghanistan, became one of the best experiences of his life. 

Ten years after joining the military, he dreams of creating a center where kids who have been written off can find a safe place. How did all these happen, you may ask? Jabaris shared extensively on this podcast. We guarantee that this episode is packed with profound life lessons for everyone.