EPISODE 19 - living your true passion with akash patel

Hot off the heels of a successful first season, Unfettered Podcast is back with season two, and it promises to give you more exciting and insightful content.

In this episode, Adebayo Adeleke speaks to Akash Patel – an almost nuclear engineer who walked away from a prestigious scholarship to pursue his passion for teaching children from disadvantaged backgrounds across America.

In 2011, after realizing he did not want to be a Maths teacher, Akash sent 50 emails to random people in the Dominican Republic asking for an opportunity to share his culture with kids across that country.

There is so much to discover in this podcast, but we will leave you with a quote from Akash.

‘’You never stop learning, especially after traveling to over 50 countries. When you travel, you see how small of a human you are compared to this giant world that we live in full of information and diversity and culture and everything that you can think of."