EPISODE 20 - Celebrating Black Entrepreneurship

It is important for entrepreneurs, especially black entrepreneurs, to know that they cannot attain success alone. It takes a community!

- Kerlyne Jean-Baptiste

In this episode, Adebayo speaks with the Founder and CEO of KerlyGirl natural hair care products, Kerlyne Jean-Baptiste. Being of Haitian hair-itage, she was determined against all odds to build a successful brand in the US. 

We have a deep dive into her journey from her modest upbringing to running one of the top 10 startups in Rhode Island.

This soothing conversation is packed with nuggets to help anyone who’s growing an idea from scratch. Share your learning points after listening. We know you will have plenty!

Kerlyne Jean-Baptiste

Kerlyne Jean-Baptiste the founder of KerlyGirl. Organic % 100 plant based, KerlyGirl is a natural hair care line uniquely formulated for the needs of curly, and coily textures. With their organic and %100 plant-based,  products, KerlyGirl aims to vanguard the budding conscious space between beauty and health for folks of color. Featured in The Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, Providence Business News and Rhode Island Inno, the company is one of 10 startups to watch in Rhode Island in 2021.