"Data is the new oil, and it forms a critical foundation for everything that technology will be able to do over the next few decades."

– Olusola Amusan 

This episode skillfully introduces listeners to the world of Artificial Intelligence through the eyes of the widely acclaimed Artificial Intelligence Evangelist, Olusola Amusan. If you have always wondered what Artificial Intelligence is about, this episode is your plug. Olusola’s extraordinary ability to simplify rather complex terms is second to none. 

In episode three of the Unfettered podcast, you will gain in-depth knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, AutoNation, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how these components will disrupt our everyday lives. For those who do not live in countries that provide high impact opportunities for growth and development, Olusola shares powerful insights on how technology can be used as a leveler to access these opportunities.

What is more compelling about this episode is how Olusola reveals what individuals and governments can do to prepare for the disruption that Artificial Intelligence will bring. It only gets better on the Unfettered Podcast. This episode is indeed powerful, and rather prophetic. 

Olusola Amusan (SA) as he is fondly called is the founder of Coven Works,  a Dallas based AI education and consulting company whose obsessive mission is to build tomorrow’s workforce.

As far back as 2008, Olusola began creating a high impact coding program that trained 4600 people who are now top software developers and decision makers in technology companies today. In 2017 (after working at Microsoft as Head of Philanthropies and Education), he started building a high-impact AI program that has trained 1800+ Junior AI Experts on Machine Learning Models using mostly Python and R, getting the attention of Facebook, Microsoft, World Bank and Amazon Web Services. Sola is very passionate about AI and Coven Works Inc. (covenworks.com) has been backed by Google, C5 Capitals (Washington DC) and Amazon Web services.

Sola has completed projects for Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, World Bank, Sterling Bank of Nigeria, Shell Petroleum Development company, First Bank of Nigeria, Youth Bridge Foundation Ghana, Zambia & Johannesburg, Schwarzkopf Foundation Germany, GIZ, Ashoka as well as Entrepreneur Organization. He is the principal brain at Coven AI, and Curators University. He lives in Dallas, Texas with is wife, Tolu, and two beautiful girls.

Olusola Amusan

Artificial Intelligence Evangelist
Founder/CEO Coven Works Inc.
Local: +14697347949
Intl.: +2348132157517