EPISODE 7 - Greatness in our Imperfections

Regardless of the weight of your negative history, you can rewrite the content of the future by the choices you make.
- Olakunke Soriyan

In this episode, Adebayo and Olakunle discuss extensively on the greatness in our imperfections. Olakunle, who is a life and business strategist, shares how wrong choices mess up human life. He, however, also emphasizes our ability to correct those actions by making better choices.

The seventh episode of the podcast reveals the fallibility of man even within this culture of perfection and shares how essential it is to groom our generation to embrace her imperfections and still achieve greatness. If we insist that we can only have peace through perfect behavior, then we will never have it. In this episode, you will understand how your difference is your critical success factor and how to embrace it.

Adebayo and Olakunle also delve into the perfection myth in the church and how believers must begin to become more relatable and melt the prejudice of religion. In Olakunle’s words, our faith must unlock the curiosity of the world.

This episode will prompt you to tame your vulnerabilities and expand on your strengths. It is perhaps the most transformative episode yet.