Episode 8 - inclusive leadership and its impact on global businesses and culture

Empathy, Emotional Intelligence, and Vulnerability. How do these key concepts help global leaders lead effectively and achieve tangible results? Our guest, Julie Kratz, shares the intersection between these concepts and how to use them to steer positive change in your team. 

In this episode, Julie Kratz delves into the concept of inclusive leadership, and its profound impact on global businesses and culture. The conversation takes a deep dive into how team leaders in corporate organizations can how to harness the power of diversity, leverage on diverse perspectives and still create unified values to guide the operation process of their teams. 

Julie further shares insights on actionable steps to take if you are struggling with the concept of inclusion as a team lead. Episode 8 of the Unfettered Podcast will challenge you to rethink your leadership methods. It also goes further to share strategies on how to become more effective through inclusion. 

Julie Kratz

Julie Kratz is a highly-acclaimed leadership trainer who leads teams and produces real results in corporate America.